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Sarah is in charge of our Sales Team. Sarah also helps with Service and Installations. If you would like to schedule a appointment with Sarah for a free estimate please contact her through our website.

Shawn keeps the crew organized with running the office. Her exceptional customer service keeps our clients happy. Shawn is in charge of records, invoicing, banking, and keeping everyone going. If you have a question about your invoice Shawn is happy to help you.

Sandra is the Compliance Agent and President of Family Security. She keeps all our employees up to date on training, new product releases and runs our installation crews. Contact Sandra through our website if you are interested in Partnering with Family Security.

Johnathan is currently training to become part of our installation Team. Currently he keeps up with our Social Media and inventory. He is finishing  high school this year and will continue onto college in the electronics field. He plans to become a Master Electrician and open his own business in the future while continuing to work with the family business.