The Ride Along Camera is an easy-to-use full HD vehicle camera and recorder. It records both audio & video and allows you the ability to choose between three different recording modes: normal, event, and parking mode. Mount the camera to your windshield and record your drive in 1080p (30 or 15 fps) or 720p (30 fps). The Ride Along Camera records in a continuous loop, using the included 16 GB microSD card. The Ride Along Camera comes equipped with a 2.9mm wide-angle lens that captures the entire road. The integrated microphone allows you the option of recording audio as well.

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​Maintain your System for top performance by having your equipment cleaned yearly. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Maintenance available. Remember to replace your Smoke Detectors every 10 years and your Carbon Detectors every 5 years. Each device should have a expiration date on it. If it does not, you are out of warranty and need to replace it.

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